Child Protection Summary


Blueharts Hockey Club believes that:

  • safety and welfare of players under 18 years old should be of paramount importance, whatever the circumstances.
  • the rights, dignity and worth of all members under 18 years old should always be respected.
  • every player, coach and non-playing member has a moral and legal responsibility to safeguard and promote an under 18’s welfare.

Blueharts Hockey Club has therefore:

  • appointed a Child Protection Officer (see list of officers)
  • adopted a Child Protection Policy (see website) to ensure that the welfare of under 18 year olds in the Club’s care is always the primary consideration.

This aims to ensure that all players, coaches and non-playing members follow best practice to safeguard under 18 year olds from abuse and also themselves against false allegations.


If any

  • Club member or any parent/carer of an under 18 member suspects that a child is being or has been abused, please in the first instance and in strict confidence, inform the Child Protection Officer.
  • under 18 member believes that they have been abused, they should contact the Club’s Child Welfare Officer to discuss the matter in strict confidence.

The Child Welfare Officer will then take the appropriate action to resolve the concern. If deemed necessary the Child Protection Officer will call an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee.  The Committee is empowered to take whatever sanctions are deemed necessary to ensure the complaint is dealt with properly.  These sanctions include expulsion of the offender from the club.

Members can view the full policy by logging in to the "Member's area" 'Club Documents and Policies'.

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